Southeast Raleigh Residents Worry About Grocery Options

Dec 12, 2012

Two Kroger food stores are set to close next month in southeast Raleigh, leaving some residents worried about where they will buy groceries. The company plans to shut down locations on Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and New Bern Ave. next month. Kroger tells the property owner it's not making money at those stores. But the federal government already considers the area a food desert, meaning residents have limited access to fresh food. City Council member Eugene Weeks represents southeast Raleigh.

Eugene Weeks: "We don't want to see a deserted area of out Kroger. We want another grocery store there as soon as possible after they close down. So we heard that the person who owns the land is looking into one, or two, or three stores that could come in there."

Weeks says many residents don't have cars and rely on walking to the stores for groceries and prescription medication.