NC Has 12th Most-Expensive Mortgage Closing Costs

Aug 5, 2014

North Carolina ranks 12th for mortgage closing costs.
Credit AKZOphoto / Creative Commons

A new national survey shows mortgage closing costs are rising across all 50 states. 

Holden Lewis is a mortgage analyst for  He says North Carolina ranks as the 12th most expensive state. 

“Mortgage closing costs went up this year about five or six percent compared to last year.  And lenders say that the reason is regulation,” Lewis said. 

“You know, now they have to actually prove that you are able to repay the mortgage, which, believe it or not, they didn't have to do before and that takes more staff time and therefore costs more money.”

Lewis says the survey included origination fees, legal costs and appraisals.  He adds the fees can vary, so he recommends home buyers shop around.