The Week At The Legislature: HB2, Refugee Policy, And SolarBees

May 12, 2016

Credit Medora Corporation

The Department of Environmental Quality has pulled the plug on SolarBees.

DEQ says it's removing the devices from Jordan Lake. SolarBees have been churning water at several spots on the lake in an attempt to reduce algae blooms, but a report from DEQ says there has been no improvement in water quality. 

The agency is reevaluating other measures that would limit runoff from the surrounding area, but developers are pushing back. 

Meanwhile, Gov. Pat McCrory and the legislature continue their fight in support of HB2. And state lawmakers consider changes to policies on refugee resettlement, and how to spend the $2 billion bond that voters approved in March.

Host Frank Stasio talks with WUNC capitol reporter Jorge Valencia about the latest from Raleigh.