Bloodhound Training in Greensboro

Nov 7, 2011

Bloodhound Ellie Mae with her handler officer J.D. Fraser
Credit Jeff Tiberii

About 20 bloodhounds from across the country are in the Triad this week working to earn certification. Dogs and their handlers are receiving training from the National Police Bloodhound Association. Greensboro K-9 officer J.D. Fraser works with four-legged partner Ellie Mae. She is trained to assist in missing person searches. Officer Fraser says the re-certification process hones Ellie Mae's skills and gives credibility to the practice.

J.D. Fraser: "The dog has to find up to 16 different hides, hidden in vehicles, structures, and packages. Across the state for court purposes, we can show that our dogs have been evaluated by an outside person"

Fraser says Ellie Mae can track and follow a scent for several miles. Bloodhounds typically work on the force for 6 or 7 years and live full-time with their handlers. The Greensboro Police Department is hosting the national training event through Thursday.