WATCH: Hundreds Of Runners Use Flip-Flops To Make History

Jun 22, 2015


For three years, the nOg Run Club has been trying to break a record. It may have achieved that thanks to hundreds of plastic sandals.

More than 600 runners gathered at Raleigh’s Oakwood Cemetery for a fun and floppy run Saturday. Their goal was to try and break the record for the most people running with flip-flops at one time.

For nine years, 352 Austrians have held the record, according to Guinness World Records. But that may be no more after the nOg Run Club paired with Feelgoodz for its first one-kilometer "Flip-Flop Run" last weekend. Elizabeth Pagano, president of the nOg Run Club, said it wasn’t a race, but it was rewarding.

“If we set a Guiness World Records, we can attract more people to our other races. It’s a lot about giving back to other nonprofits and Raleigh is a competitive race market so we are trying something different,” Pagano said.

The nOg Run Club raised $75,000 last year, along with about $6,000 from its “Flip-Flop Run” Saturday. Pagano said the club plans to donate all of this money to at least 12 different local nonprofits and charities. 

Around St. Patrick’s Day, the running club has tried to break the record for the most people running with kilts. In the race's three years, the club has been unsuccessful, but Pagano said being a part of breaking a record is a thrilling experience for everybody and she expects the flops to give the kilts a boost in numbers the next run. The club plans to send documentation (videos, photos, etc.) to Guinness World Records showing the record-breaking run.


Watch the runners go below: