State Budget Standoff Continues As NC Lawmakers Go On Break

Jan 17, 2020

State lawmakers met for a one-day session this week, but in the end, not much has changed. There is still no budget for the current fiscal year as lawmakers enter their longest break in four years.

Host Frank Stasio talks to WUNC Capitol Bureau Chief Jeff Tiberii about the budget stalemate and the people it’s impacting most: teachers. While both Democrats and Republicans both wanted teacher raises, they could not come to an agreement on how much.

There was one bit of compromise to emerge from the day-long session. Lawmakers unanimously approved funding that grants college scholarships to children of deceased, disabled, combat, or other wartime veterans. Plus, as the March primary approaches, will North Carolina voters need to bring an ID to the polls? Tiberii shares an update on the legal status of voter ID laws and everything else that is happening, and not happening, in the legislature.