From Shoe Shiner To Ethnomusicologist, Meet Daoud Haroon

Dec 15, 2014

Daoud Haroon has lived many lives in his 81 years. He grew up in the jazz clubs of Boston, shining shoes of many of the jazz greats as a young boy, and later playing alongside them as a percussionist and trombonist. He has worked in a wide range of trades from hat making to house painting. 

Music doesn't discriminate. It reverberates throughout the heavens [...] It has permeated everything we know--Daoud Haroon

He studied ethnomusicology and various forms of indigenous music from around the world, founded an Islamic education center in Houston, and most recently, received the 2014 United States Artists fellowship honoring him as “one of America’s most accomplished and innovative artists.” 

If you want to meet your family, go to the confluence of [all the rivers] and they will find you--Daoud Haroon

Host Frank Stasio talks to Daoud Haroon about his life and personal philosophy about the intersections of music, social justice and religion.