PSNC Considers Historic Barns, Gravesites In New Pipeline Route

Jul 15, 2014

PSNC is considering routes to extend a natural gas pipeline in Wake and Franklin Counties.
Credit Harald Hoyer / Creative Commons

PSNC Energy is taking feedback from property owners about plans to lay a natural gas pipeline. The company wants to extend an existing transmission line from Northern Wake County into Eastern Franklin County and south to Zebulon.

PSNC Spokeswoman Angela Townsend said the company is working to keep up with anticipated population growth in the area. She did not comment on the projected increase of customers or pipeline capacity. Townsend said the extension would be up to 29 miles long.

She says they sent questionnaires out to 1,400 property owners in the area. Townsend says PSNC wants information about the area that might not be available in public records.

“They might have a family cemetery on their property, or they might have a historic barn on their property... Just different things that we want to know about,” Townsend explained. “We want to hear from the community before we begin to determine route for this pipeline.”

Townsend says they'll accept questionnaires until next week.

PSNC plans to settle on a route by the end of this year before applying for permits and reaching out to property owners about easements. She says the pipeline will likely be finished in 2017.