IKEA Scraps Plans For Cary Store

May 23, 2018

IKEA will scrap plans to come to Cary.

The Swedish furniture company IKEA will abandon plans to build one of its superstores in the Triangle.

IKEA had planned to open a location in Cary in 2020, but town manager Sean Stegall confirmed Wednesday the retailer will not expand to Cary Towne Center.

"On Friday morning I spoke with IKEA’s Real Estate Manager Bob Grimsley who shared that, because of IKEA’s evolving business model, there will be no store in Cary," Stegall said in a statement.

"They are moving away from suburban big box retail outlets and into global city centers. We are obviously very disappointed," he said.

"When I asked whether there was anything Cary could do to influence IKEA’s decision, I was told that there was nothing; not even an incentive would make a difference. IKEA said they had an extremely positive view of and experience with the Town Council, our staff, the mall site, and Cary as a whole."

The town planned for IKEA to replace two empty department stores.