Fayetteville VA Closing Emergency Room

Sep 18, 2014

The Fayetteville VA is closing its ER until further notice.
Credit VA.gov

The Fayetteville VA is closing its emergency room  as of 8:00 a.m. Friday.  The emergency room will be converted to an urgent care clinic until further notice.

The hospital says a lack of doctors is to blame for the cut back.

"If there's a veteran out there in the community, or a family member of a veteran who is experiencing a life-threatening emergency, they should not, and I repeat, should not come to the Fayetteville VA emergency room," said Public Affairs officer Jeffery Melvin.  "They should dial 9-1-1 and ask them to take them to the nearest emergency department."

According to the VA, ambulance providers and other area hospitals have been made aware of the situation.

Melvin said the hospital has already had to close the ER multiple nights in the past several weeks. The VA contracts with a third party to provide physicians. The VA will be contracting with a new company come October, but it's unclear when the ER doors will reopen. The hospital is planning a review from the Department of Veterans Affairs to assess how they might re-open the emergency facilities.