Daniel Wallace And Django Haskins: Unexpected Night Of Storytelling And Song

Feb 5, 2014

Fables in Story and Song was part of the Under the Atrium series at the Friday Center
Credit Friday Center

Daniel Wallace is a storyteller extraordinaire. He's the author of five novels including Big Fish, which was made into a movie by Tim Burton. Django Haskins knows song like its nobody's business. The Durham-based musician has recorded nine albums.

These two creative powerhouses joined forces recently for Fables in Story and Song. The men traded song and story live in front of a capacity crowd at the Friday Center in Chapel Hill.

The evening was a lot of fun. First Wallace told stories accompanied by Haskins. Then Haskins sang songs from his repertoire that tell a complete story.

Have a few minutes? Settle in and listen to a sample from the evening: a story, a song, and the one story/song that brought the two men together.