2016 North Carolina Primary Results

Mar 15, 2016

Gov. Pat McCrory issues a speech Tuesday night after voters approved a $2.2B bond referendum. McCrory also won the Republican primary in the gubernatorial race.
Credit Jorge Valencia / WUNC

The results are in for the North Carolina primary. In the race for president, Hillary Clinton won the Democratic primary and Donald Trump has been declared the winner on the Republican side. With 95 percent of precincts reporting, poll results show:

Democratic presidential primary:

  • Hillary Clinton: 55 percent
  • Bernie Sanders: 41 percent

Republican presidential primary:

  • Donald Trump: 40 percent
  • Ted Cruz: 37 percent
  • John Kasich: 13 percent
  • Marco Rubio: 8 percent

North Carolina is not a winner-take-all state for delegates. With 82 out of 121 total Democratic delegates allocated, each candidate will receive:

  • Clinton: 56
  • Sanders: 26

For 62 out of 72 delegates allocated, each Republican delegate will receive:

  • Trump: 27
  • Cruz: 24
  • Kasich: 7
  • Rubio: 3

In the race for governor, Gov. Pat McCrory won the Republican primary with 82 percent of the vote. McCrory will run against Roy Cooper, who won the Democratic primary.

For the U.S. Senate seat, Sen. Richard Burr was declared the Republican primary winner. The incumbent will be challenged by Democratic primary winner Deborah Ross in the general election this November.

Supporters of the North Carolina bond are also claiming victory from Tuesday's primary.  Voters approved the bond by a 2 to 1 margin. The $2.2 billion will be used for building projects at universities, state park improvements, and infrastructure upgrades.

Farther down the ballot:

State Superintendent:

  • Dem: June Atkinson (incumbent)
  • Rep: Mark Johnson

Attorney General

  • Dem: Josh Stein (incumbent)
  • Rep: Buck Newton

Lieutenant Governor:

  • Dem: Linda Coleman
  • Rep: Dan Forest (incumbent)

For full results of the North Carolina primary, visit the State Board of Elections here.