Tropical Storm Karen Dissipates, NC Dodges Most Effects

Oct 7, 2013

Tropical Storm Karen as it moved over Florida Saturday.
Credit NASA

The remnants of Tropical Storm Karen are floating over the east coast and dropping light rain in western North Carolina. 

The storm dissipated as it moved over the gulf coast this weekend.  Meteorologist Brandon Vincent says a cold front will push rain from Karen toward central and eastern North Carolina Monday.

"Whatever is left is probably going to get lost in whatever else is going on with this front we have approaching from the west, so the big weather maker is going to be this cold front.  That'll push through to the coast tonight.  However, we're going to have an additional low pressure system form on that front," says Vincent.

Monday's rainfall is expected to be relatively low.

"Anywhere from a quarter to a half-inch," Vincent says.

"Other than that, we're not looking for too much significant weather today, although there will be a low end chance of an isolated severe storm from this morning through early this afternoon; something that could produce damaging winds."

Vincent says that system will bring rain back from the east as the week continues.  He says the state should expect periods of rain and lower temperatures through at least Thursday.