A Stay At UNC Hospitals Could Be Four-Diamond Experience

Mar 8, 2013

Patients at UNC hospitals will soon be able to dine bedside on 4-diamond fare from Il Palio at the Siena Hotel. UNC's Nutrition and Food Services Director Angelo Mojica is teaming up with the executive chef from Il Palio - Adam Rose - to feature some of the restaurant's fine cuisine.

UNC's Mojica says this kind of thing has never been done before in health care He's reaching out to other high-end eateries in the Triangle, too, and says it's a win-win. It's great PR for the restaurants.
"But on our side, we get to show patients how much we care about them and it even elevates the quality of what we're already serving already," Mojica says. "We think it's really high, but to see the Umstead hotel, Il Palio, and Angus Barn on the menu if we ever partner with all of them, that means a lot to people and it means a lot to us."

Mojica says the launch of the new menu will be March 26th. He hopes to feature food from Il Palio and other restaurants once a month - and eventually once a week.

Mojica says he's recruiting several other exceptional restaurants in the Triangle in addition to Il Palio. Elaine's on Franklin Street has also signed on. The program will launch on March 26th.