Ingenious New Way To Catch Those Who Text And Drive

Dec 16, 2014

The NC Highway Patrol wants to expand a program allowing troopers to use NCDOT trucks to patrol for texting drivers.

Yellow Department of Transportation trucks have been used to disguise roving patrolmen. The North Carolina Highway Patrol used them for a pilot program in which troopers patrolled for people who illegally text while driving.

Lieutenant Jeff Gordon says it's hard for roadside troopers to see whether motorists are texting, and people are quick to stop if they see a police cruiser.

“So you need to be creative in ways of trying to get people to abide by the law. I wouldn't classify it as tricking people because it is a law, and laws need to be enforced.”

Gordon says the disguised roving patrols also looked for people who sped through construction areas. Gordon says they issued thousands of tickets this way. The goal of the program is to get motorists to put their phones down as well as reduce their speed.

Gordon says the Highway patrol is considering setting up similar patrols in other parts of the state to reduce driving hazards.