Imp, Crusader And Dude, The Many Identities Of Pauli Murray

Aug 21, 2015

Scholar and activist Pauli Murray grew up in Durham and was fundamentally shaped by its history and culture, and she left a lasting legacy on the city in return.

Duke University’s Pauli Murray Project has been working to document this legacy and recently reached an important milestone: the project begins the restoration of Pauli Murray’s historic house in southwest Durham this summer.

  Today they are also unveiling a new exhibit on view at The Scrap Exchange that features an intersectional look at Pauli’s many identities, from priest to crusader.

Host Frank Stasio discusses the new partnership and previews the exhibit with Barbara Lau, director of the Pauli Murray Project; Courtney Reid-Eaton, exhibitions director at Duke’s Center for Documentary Studies; and Alisha Perdue, manager of community engagement at Iron Mountain.