Homeland Security Investigates Wake County Jail

Jul 8, 2011

Federal investigators are looking into allegations of mistreatment at the Wake County jail. The North Carolina ACLU compiled 57 complaints in 2009 and 2010 from detainees accused of illegal immigration. Some say their rights to due process were violated. The ACLU claims that constitutes a violation of an immigration law called 287(g). It allows the federal government to enter into agreements with local law enforcement to carry out immigration functions. Wake County Sheriff Donnie Harrison:

"I don't think we've done anything wrong. Some people that are against the 287(g) program do spread rumors sometimes, but if we have done something wrong I most definitely want to find out about it."

Harrison says his office is looking into the complaints. State ACLU legal director Katy Parker says the files include allegations of excessive force, failure to provide interpretation services, and racial slurs.