Laura Stassi

Creator and Host, Dating While Gray

Laura Stassi is creator and host of the podcast Dating While Gray: the grown-up’s guide to love, sex and relationships. She explores issues and relays true stories about seeking, finding and keeping love after age 50.  Online dating, sexual intimacy, deal breakers – everything’s on the table.

Laura was married for almost 30 years before getting divorced. Newly single, she turned to friends and relationship experts for advice on navigating the dating scene. On Dating While Gray, Laura shares the lessons she’s learned and introduces you to other gray daters as we weather the wild world of love.

Laura is also an award-winning writer of health, wellness and medical features for military families, and she’s the author of several nonfiction books for young readers. She has two grown children and lives outside of Washington, D.C., in Reston, Virginia, with a shepherd-retriever mix named Jade.

Dating Across Differences

Mar 4, 2021

Research shows daters 50 and older are more likely than younger ones to say it’s very important that online dating profiles include race and political affiliation. Laura wonders if being too specific about race, religion or politics leads to overlooking some solid romantic options.

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Money and Romance

Feb 25, 2021

Laura's the first to admit: She'd rather talk with potential romantic partners about any topic other than money. But is she just delaying the inevitable by  pushing off conversations about personal finances?

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Defining Home Sweet Home

Feb 18, 2021

Since her divorce, Laura's happily lived alone with Jade, her Australian Shepherd mix. But she wonders what it might have been like to go through the pandemic sharing space with a housemate.

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Pandemic Love: Slow, Fast, and Furious

Feb 11, 2021

Laura is admittedly freaked out by dating apps. But she's also curious how other gray daters are connecting during the COVID pandemic. Does being high risk for the virus have to put a limit on love?

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Season Two Trailer

Feb 1, 2021

Laura Stassi is back for a second season of conversations about romance and relationships after age 50! This time around, the podcast takes on how dating is affected by personal finances, adult kids and of course, finding companionship during the COVID crisis.

Sage Advice

May 14, 2020

Laura talks with writer Sophy Burnham, who offers romance insights based on her decades of personal experience. Then Laura gets relationship advice from Leora Hoffman, an attorney-turned- matchmaker who built her business while finding a partner for herself. Listeners phone in with their own advice about love before Laura speaks with marriage and family therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas. Her books "Calling In The One" and "Conscious Uncoupling" help people make romantic connections, or lovingly end them.

This is Me

Apr 30, 2020

Laura talks with Rev. Joani Peacock, who made a personal discovery around the time her marriage ended. She's confident in herself — but that doesn't mean it's easier to date. Then Laura sits down with Giselle, who found acceptance only after letting go of a long-held secret. Finally, while we're all social distancing, Laura checks in with Ann, who's found a creative way to be her true self and keep the spark alive in a long-distance romance.


Brand New Day

Apr 16, 2020

Laura talks with Maxine, who lived most of her life as a self-described "alpha male" until the day things just clicked. Then Laura sits down with The Naked Truth author Leslie Morgan Steiner. Leslie describes how she reclaimed her sexuality after her gray divorce, and teaches Laura how to open her eyes to the possibilities of making romantic connections. Laura also learns about making connections despite physical distancing from listeners like Robert, who gave virtual speed dating a go.

Custom-Built Commitment

Apr 2, 2020

Laura talks with legendary women's college basketball coach Elaine Elliott, whose commitment to her partner endured long after the romance was over. Then, Norm and Jeanne share the story of how they built a solid partnership without mentioning the "C" word. Finally, Laura sits down with public radio icon Diane Rehm, who put her own modern spin on a traditional choice.


Money Talk

Mar 19, 2020

Laura talks with Ken, who's reluctant to date after feeling financially burned in his marriage; accountant and financial planner Colette Kolanko, who says we can find creative and loving ways to talk about money with a future partner; and Bob and Marge, who merged their lives without blending bank accounts.

The Pursuit of Love

Mar 12, 2020

Laura talks with Evamarie about the discovery that leads her to try online dating; Mark, whose search for love after devastating loss feels more urgent and also, elusive; and Girard, who gains romantic clarity after a health crisis.

Sex Talk

Mar 5, 2020

Laura talks with Sandy, who shares how communication set the stage for her second 'first time,' and Dr. Jen Gunter, author of The Vagina Bible, and a leading advocate for communicating about women's sexual health. Then she debunks myths about male sexual health with Dr. Arthur Burnett, a surgeon and scientist whose research led to the development of Viagra. Finally, Laura learns about communication, intimacy and adult toys with Kathryn Ellis, an occupational therapist and sexuality counselor.


Things We Do For Love

Feb 27, 2020

Laura talks with Steven, who tries bonding with his partner's vicious dog even as their marriage hits the rocks; Jamie, who offers to share her home with an unlikely housemate; and Jenevieve, who throws practicality aside to summon the online dating spirits.

Flying Solo

Feb 20, 2020

Host Laura Stassi talks with New Yorker Dennis, who doesn't want to give up the single life. Maybe he's waiting for the perfect woman to finally become available? Then there's Michele in Washington, D.C. Despite successfully connecting people in her large professional and social circles, she hasn't made a romantic connection for herself. Finally, life coach Amy Schoen says people who want to couple up need to be intentional in thought and actions.

Starting All Over Again

Feb 13, 2020

Host Laura Stassi attends her 40th high school reunion, where her former classmates open up about their own love lives and dating strategies. Then, she revisits a man she went on a date with to get schooled on online dating as well as the “three-date” rule. Finally, she gleans inspiration from a couple who met at the apartment building where they both live.