Pat Nathan Hands Down Her Corporate Success

Dec 1, 2014

Pat Nathan
Credit Pat Nathan


As a chemist in the 1970s, Pat Nathan was quite often the only woman in the room.

She remained one of the only women in the room as she rose through the rankings at the Dell computer company during the dot-com bubble. She entered the industry at a time when it was grappling with how to dispose of computer waste responsibly.

Despite an indication from her superior that she could never be a leader, her knowledge and perseverance did make her an executive, but Nathan’s understanding of what it takes for women to get those jobs with a fair salary made her an advocate.

She combined that experience with her business management skills to start the Triangle chapter of Dress for Success, a group that helps low-income women find the right attire for interviews and provides job counseling.

Host Frank Stasio talks with Pat Nathan about women in the workforce.

Nathan will be a member of a panel of women who have moved from being business leaders to starting non-profits on Thursday at the Levin Jewish Community Center in Durham.