NC Wind Energy Future Bill Leaves Out Ban Or Moratorium

Jun 26, 2019

File photo of a wind turbine.
Credit Paulo Valdivieso / Flickr Creative Commons

Legislation designed to prevent wind turbine projects from interfering with North Carolina military training operations — threatening the future of installations — no longer contains outright bans on their construction.

The Senate bill initially demanded a permanent prohibition of wind farms across large sections of the state labeled "high-risk" for aviation training. The full Senate later agreed to a three-year moratorium.

There's no moratorium or prohibition in the latest version approved Tuesday by the House energy committee.

Now it simply directs state regulators who decide on permits to get more information from military commanders.

House Majority Leader John Bell helped fashion the updated measure now heading to another committee. Bell says it protects the state's military economy and gives some certainty to wind energy companies looking for sites.