NC DOT Considers Ramp Meters To Reduce Triangle Congestion

Sep 9, 2013

The NC DOT is looking into installing ramp meters, like this one in San Francisco, at problem areas on Triangle Interstates to ease rush hour traffic.
Credit David Levinson / Flickr Creative Commons

North Carolina's Department of Transportation says it might put traffic signals on Interstate entrance ramps to help relieve traffic jams in the Triangle. 

The lights known as ramp meters allow one car at a time to enter the freeway in order to ease the merging process during rush hours.  NCDOT engineer Battle Whitley says they could help traffic in areas where it tends to slow down during the morning and evening commutes.

"I-40 at Miami Blvd., 440 at Western Blvd., other locations on I-40 such as Page Rd., Aviation Pkwy," Whitley listed.

"There's a heavy concentration in that Research Triangle Park area that are some potential examples of where we might see some in the future. Right now, we're not really certain exactly where we're going to put them.  We have some ideas.  I would say we would see something probably within the next year or two, but there is not set timeline.  This is another tool in our toolbox to help deal with traffic flow in the area."

The state DOT is considering up to 14 spots where ramp meters could help, which would cost an estimated $3.2 million.