Jones Faces GOP Challenger

May 4, 2012

Congressman Walter Jones has handily won North Carolina’s Third District since 1995.  Now it’s re-election time again and this may be his biggest fight yet.

Leoneda Inge:  For a while, Congressman Walter Jones had a nick-name on Capitol Hill.

Adam Kokesh:  Welcome back to Adam versus the Man. Joining us tonight is Congressman Walter “Freedom Fries,” formerly known as Walter “Freedom Fries” Jones.

That’s Adam Kokesh, a former Marine on his daily internet show.  Representative Jones was behind replacing “French Fries” with “Freedom Fries” on Capitol Hill menus after the French snubbed US plans to invade Iraq. Jones later upset many Republicans when he reversed his support for the war.  Frank Palombo (like “Colombo”) is a former New Bern Police Chief and Jones’ main opponent in the Republican primary.

Frank Palombo:  It was clear to me that our congressman was not representing the values of this district and we needed a change.

Jones has raised a lot more money than political newcomer Palombo, but last month, Palombo received $5,000 from the conservative Citizens United Political Victory Fund.  Jones declined to be interviewed for this report.   He has also declined invitations to debate Palombo.

Frank Palombo:  I think what the problem is here, is that Walter Jones knows that he cannot defend his liberal voting record.