Dividing The State Along New Lines

Sep 17, 2019

The N.C. Senate passed its own version of new legislative maps on Monday. The House and Senate must approve its each others' maps before a looming Wednesday, Sept. 18 deadline.
Credit Daderot / Wikimedia Commons

North Carolina will soon have new legislative maps. The previous maps were tossed out after a three-judge panel unanimously declared them unconstitutional partisan gerrymanders.

As House and Senate representatives attempt to carve out new legislative districts that pass legal muster, the map-making process itself has been on full display at the North Carolina General Assembly, including a moment in which the Senate used a state lottery machine to get their process started.

The North Carolina House voted along party lines to approve its new legislative maps on Friday. The state Senate approved its redrawn maps on Monday night, with Democrats split in their support. Host Frank Stasio speaks with WUNC politics reporter Rusty Jacobs about the tight Wednesday deadline for the new maps and for a look behind the scenes at the process.