17 Protesters Arrested At General Assembly

Apr 29, 2013

State NAACP President William Barber and others protest at the General Assembly.
Credit Jessica Jones

Police at the General Assembly in Raleigh arrested 17 protesters Monday evening who were protesting inside the building.

The group, which included state NAACP head Rev. William Barber, was speaking out against a series of Republican-led bills that have been passed recently. Barber says that includes a measure that would require residents to bring photo identification with them to the polls.

"Now we've seen a last week a bill that was filed on April 4th, the anniversary of the death of Dr. King, a regressive voting rights- attack on voting rights through a poll tax disguised as Voter ID, and the plan is to do even more," says Barber.

Duke professor Tim Tyson was also one of those arrested, as were a number of clergymen and women.

Barber and others say they hope to organize more protests at the General Assembly. They've also said they plan to sue, if the Voter ID law is passed and signed by Gov. Pat McCrory.