What You Need To Know About NC’s COVID-19 Response

Mar 11, 2020

Credit Credit Alissa Eckert, MS, Dan Higgins, MAM / Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

In an effort to contain the coronavirus outbreak, North Carolina is now in a state of emergency. Gov. Roy Cooper issued the declaration Tuesday, as increased testing better accounts for the rising number of confirmed cases in the state.

VA facilities in North Carolina also instituted a mandatory screening policy for anyone entering the centers, clinics or facilities. This is an effort to protect veterans, who tend to be older and sicker than patients elsewhere. Duke University suspended classes on Tuesday, expecting a transition to remote instruction after an extended spring break. And businesses are also navigating rapid change. After five of its employees tested positive, RTP company BioGen sent all of its workers home. During the declaration on Tuesday, Cooper asked that all Triangle businesses suggest employees work from home when possible. Host Frank Stasio speaks with Jay Price, WUNC’s military and veterans affairs reporter, about North Carolina’s response to the outbreak.