U.S. Senator Kay Hagan Criticizes State Legislature

Jul 18, 2014

Kay Hagan at the news conference 7/18/14
Credit Katelyn Ferral

Democratic U.S. Senator Kay Hagan was in Raleigh Friday afternoon to discuss a bill she and others have introduced in the U.S. Senate that seeks to restore womens' access to employer-covered contraception. The bill was defeated this week but Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says he plans to bring it up later this year.

When Hagan was asked what she thinks of the North Carolina General Assembly's late efforts to put together a budget for this fiscal year, she was quick to bring up her own record as a former state senator:

"I was one of the co-chairs of the budget for six years and during that period of time, we had a balanced budget, a triple A credit rating, an overfunded pension plan that only a handful of states can take credit, and a rainy day fund that had close to a billion dollars in it," said Hagan.

Hagan is running against the state Speaker of the House, Republican Thom Tillis, in what is likely to be a hotly contested race. This month, Tillis has spent most of his work weeks trying to hammer out a budget agreement with state legislators.