See How The N.C. Coast Has Changed In 30 Years

May 3, 2017

A screenshot taken of the Google timelapse video over Hatteras.
Credit Google

North Carolina Sea Grant, using Google satellite imaging, looked at coastal erosion dating back to 1984.

N.C. Sea Grant took a close look at Hatteras, Ocracoke, Bogue and other areas along the coast and outer banks.

Spencer Rogers is the N.C. Sea Grant coastal construction and erosion specialist. He said tracking the changes over time is important not only for public policy, but for property owners as well.

“One of our goals in Sea Grant is to make sure people understand the rapid changes that are taking place at these inlets,” he said. “Understanding what those changes are, and what the consequences are over time, is important if you are living on the beach communities, or buying and selling property.”

The maps were built using the Google Earth Timelapse feature, which allows users to zoom in or out on areas around the country and world.