SAS Grows Despite Economy

Oct 26, 2011

Cary-based SAS has hired nearly 450 US workers this year.

The latest numbers show an increase in unemployment across the state.  But private sector jobs are growing and SAS is an example of that growth. 

There are about 12-thousand 300-employees at SAS – worldwide.  That’s an increase of 7-point-6 percent this year – and growing.  Mike Nemecek is a spokesman for SAS.  He says the demand for SAS’s analytics software has never been greater.

Mike Nemecek:  Organizations are really feeling the need to do more with less, to do more with the assets that they have.  And one of their greatest assets is their data.  Data on customers, data on their own internal operations, data on their risk exposure, data on their manufacturing quality, there’s all kinds of data.

SAS is expected to announce today the launch of new analytics software to help fight fraud.