North Carolina NAACP To Unveil Poverty Report This Weekend

Aug 9, 2012

Several state groups will hold a summit this weekend to report on poverty in North Carolina.

Documentary: It's very cold. You have people living who don't have food to eat, who don't have jobs to go to.

Gurnal Scott: That's a piece of a 26-minute presentation that will be shown at an NAACP summit in Rocky Mount. It marks the end of a statewide poverty tour the civil rights group has been part of since January. State President Rev. William Barber says he wants the meeting to put a face on the poverty stricken.

Rev. William Barber: How can we deepen the broad-based people's movement we already have built. How can we engage the poor community that is often written off.

The NAACP and its partners think making poverty a discussion point for candidates is key to that. Gene Nichol directs UNC's Center on Poverty, Work and Opportunity.

Gene Nichol: We are all committed as a life's work to place the scourge of poverty at the very center of North Carolina's political agenda.

The AARP and North Carolina Justice Center were also involved in poverty tour.