Former Ambassador Weighs In On American Foreign Policy

Mar 7, 2014

Karl Eikenberry

From 2009 to 2011, Karl Eikenberry served as U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan where he worked to stabilize the country and build a stronger foundation for democracy.

The challenge is great as many question the intervention of American troops. Eikenberry, a Goldsboro, NC native, believes the humanities can provide an innovative approach to modern diplomacy.

I want a captain who, so to speak, has read William Shakespeare's "Henry V", which is a lot about the morality of warfare and leadership and will find refuge in “Henry V” and be excited in reading it as he tries to come to grips with the dilemmas that he’s faced with.

  This afternoon, he joins a panel conversation about the importance of humanities and social sciences at North Carolina State University. The discussion stems from a bipartisan report, The Heart of the Matter, produced by the American Academy for the Arts and Sciences at the request of Congress. Other panelists include U.S. Representative David Price, Duke President Richard Brodhead and UNC System President Tom Ross.