Education Roundup: Resignation Of Board Of Ed Chair And A Revived Court Battle

Aug 3, 2018

File photo of State Board of Education Chairman Bill Cobey (center-right) listening while State Superintendent Mark Johnson gives a monthly address to the board.
Credit Jess Clark / WUNC

On Thursday, State Board of Education Chair Bill Cobey submitted his resignation. His resignation will go into effect in September, six months before his term as chair was set to end. This move comes after State Schools Superintendent Mark Johnson shared his reorganization of the State Department of Public Instruction. 

Also this week, North Carolina school districts filed a lawsuit to try to enforce a 10-year-old court decision. That 2008 judgment said state agencies had to give public schools almost $748 million – but so far schools have only received $18 million. Guest host Anita Rao talks to WUNC education policy reporter Liz Schlemmer about the top education news of the week.