Behind The Butcher’s Counter

May 21, 2015

Cliff’s Meat Market has been a cornerstone of the food industry in the Triangle for more than four decades. Cliff Collins started the shop when he was in his 20s, and it’s now one of the last family-owned markets in the area. Many have noted that the key to Cliff’s success is his ability to evolve alongside the community he serves and create products to meet their needs.

The market now caters to the area’s growing Latino consumer base with specific styles and cuts of meat, as well as a supportive and welcoming work environment for new immigrants. A new documentary “Un Buen Carnicero” tells the story of Cliff and one of the butchers in his shop, Gerardo “Tolo” Martinez, who has been working at the meat counter for almost 18 years.

Host Frank Stasio previews the documentary with director Victoria Bouloubasis, who co-founded Vittles documentary film company, Cliff’s Meat Market owner Cliff Collins, and Cliff’s Meat Market employee Tolo Martinez.

Watch the documentary here: