‘Beertown’ En Route To North Carolina

Mar 16, 2016

As the 2016 general election draws closer, conversations about what is important to American voters become increasingly polarized. These conversations also tend to happen in silos within particular partisan, academic, or journalistic circles. A DC-based ensemble theater troupe is attempting to break down those divides with their new multi-city theater project ‘Beertown.’ The production integrates community and audience members in the process of defining what objects best tell the story of their community, and how they want their community to be remembered moving forward. The troupe is currently wrapping up productions of ‘Beertown’ in Cincinnati, OH, and will begin performing at Raleigh Little Theatre, alongside local actors, in early May. Guest Host Adam Hochberg talks with Rachel Grossman, director of the production, about the process of ‘devised theater,’ and how communities across the country are expressing their stories through this production.

Preview the production: