#TeachingIs: What's Your 6 Word Memoir?

Apr 22, 2014

What is teaching to you? Can you say it in 6 words?

We breathe each day to grow.
by Ms Moffett in Room1 at Benchmark school

I’m an educator, not content deliverer.
by Sarah Cacicio

Standardized tests do not define us
by 4th Grade Writing at Little Cypress Intermediate

Two Florida teachers, in conjunction with the Carrboro-based Center for Teaching Quality  and the group Six-Word Memoir have created a new way to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week which begins May 5. They're rallying teachers to add their voices an tell the world what teaching really is.

You are invited to share your definitions, stories, small wins, big wins, or manifestos via social media. Think tweet, blog post, Vine, Instagram, YouTube, shareable graphic, Six Word Memoir.

But the key is to use the hashtag #TeachingIs. That way all of the contributions can be collected and shared.

Take a look at this Thunderclap which spells out the project. You will be able to browse all #TeachingIs submissions here.

Consider starting with the 6 word memoir.

Or leave us a message at WUNC's Teachers' Room Tumblr.

Credit Center for Teaching Quality