The Lives Of NC Firefighters: What We Don't Know

May 19, 2014

Firefighters at work
Credit creative commons

Many young children dream of becoming firefighters someday. But not everybody sustains that desire into adulthood. What is it that makes some people want to run into the buildings when everyone else is fleeing? 

Host Frank Stasio talks with firefighters Carol Reardon, captain at Durham Fire Department; Derrick Clouston, field service supervisor at the Office of the State Fire Marshall, assistant chief at East Side Fire Department and the accreditation manager for Stoney Point Fire Department; and David Jacobs, emergency medical services (EMS) coordinator for the Durham Fire Department.

Reardon says being the only female in her training class 25 years ago was difficult. "My partner in my training was always my training captain." But Reardon says the experience for women in firefighting now has changed. "I always joke with the women: I paved the way so you could run over me!"