ACLU Seeks to Protect Cell Phone Records

Apr 4, 2012

The American Civil Liberties Union is taking a stand to protect cell phone records in police investigations.

Gurnal Scott: About 40 North Carolina police agencies responded to the national ACLU's question on how cell phone records were obtained. The ACLU said the responses were inconsistent ranging from getting court orders as a safety net to having no written policy at all. North Carolina ACLU spokesman Mike Meno says the intent is not to hamper how police track suspects.

Mike Meno: But if that is required, why don't they go to a judge and get a warrant the way they do for so many other things? There's a reason we have checks and balances in this country and it's to make sure the government doesn't overstep into the rights of individuals.

The ACLU is supporting legislation in Congress that requires a judge to sign off on information obtained by police from cell phones and GPS devices.