Triangle Economic Outlook

Jul 6, 2015

Workers are finding fewer jobs in the Triangle according to recent employment numbers.
Credit / Flickr Creative Commons

New economic numbers out this month show workers in the Triangle are finding fewer jobs, and those who do have employment are making less money. 

The latest unemployment figures are the highest the Triangle has seen since August of last year. 

Host Frank Stasio talks with Triangle Business Journal reporter Jason deBruyn about the latest figures. 

"If you look at total employment, that number is still going up," deBruyn says. 

At the same time, the unemployment rate is up, and there are several factors in play, such as more population growth, people moving to the Triangle with the hope of finding a job and others rejoining the work force. 

However, deBruyn sees the unemployment spike as a blip rather than indicative of a larger trend.

"Taken on the whole, there's still more positives to take away than negatives," deBruyn says.