Through Struggle, Emily Musolino Makes Music

Mar 30, 2018

Emily Musolino
Credit Courtesy of Emily Musolino

Emily Musolino is more than a singer-songwriter. She is the owner and operator of Blue Moose Studios in Durham. She is invested in creating a collective for female artists, and she has had her own share of struggles, including growing up LGBT in North Carolina and bouts of alcoholism. She brings all of this into her music.

She says part of her recovery is realizing that she needs to talk, sing, and play music about her emotions instead of letting them burn inside of her. Host Frank Stasio talks to Musolino about her music, the music community she wants to create in Durham, and her past struggles. Musolino plays guitar and sings. She performs with Zack Hargett on the bass and Devin Fuller on the drums. They are performing Friday, March 30 at the Muddy Creek Music Hall in Winston-Salem and Saturday, April 28 at the Pour House in Raleigh for the release of Musolino's next album, "The Vault."