The Opposite Of Twitter

May 1, 2015

At Length is an online, print-friendly magazine that celebrates long-form work.
Credit Flickr/Fredrik Rubensson

Media consumers now have more information at their fingertips than ever before, and there is far more news available than any one person could possibly absorb. Writers and journalists are pushed to communicate more succinctly and shorten stories in order to pique readers’ attention.

But a group of artists are trying to buck this trend with an online venue that encourages writers to do exactly the opposite. At Length is a forum for long-form, in-depth writing, art, music and photography.

When I read a novel and it's over it's sometimes crushing. It can be the same with a poem, and I appreciate the places that will publish long-form poems because they are few and far between—Elaine Bleakney, poet and editor

Host Frank Stasio talks with At Length creator and editor-in-chief Jonathan Farmer about his vision for the magazine and his career as a poetry critic. He also talks with At Length contributing poet and editor Elaine Bleakney who will read from her new collection of prose poetry “For Another Writing Back” (Sidebrow Books/2014).