No 'Windowless Basement' Here. Democratic Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham Has Another Strategy

Feb 4, 2020

Credit WUNC

U.S Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer purportedly imagined a Democrat would have to lock himself in a "windowless basement" and fundraise nonstop to beat incumbent GOP Sen. Thom Tillis in North Carolina. But, Cal Cunningham's campaign office has plenty of natural light. 

Cunningham got the stamp of approval from the DSCC's national recruiters. His primary campaign has benefitted from lots of outside money, including millions from VoteVets. Though the candidate wants to see an end to dark money. 

On this edition of the WUNCPolitics Podcast, Cunningham discusses the money in politics, who's supporting him, and why he should be North Carolina's next senator. 

Correction:  The original headline for this interview read, "Democratic Senate Candidate Cal Cunningham In A Windowed Basement." The interview took place in a fourth floor office.