Keith Knight: Producing Social Commentary Through Comics

Jul 18, 2016

Knight was recently on The State of Things in advance of his appearance at the Durham Comics Fest.

Keith Knight has considered himself a cartoonist since he was in diapers, doodling on the walls of his family home near Boston.

While that spirit of creativity has not changed, the content of Keith's work has taken on more profound issues. Keith is known for drawing a weekly political cartoon called "(Th)ink" that often provides commentary on police brutality, racial profiling, and the black experience in America.

Credit Keith Knight

He also draws a weekly comic called "The K Chronicles," which documents his own life experiences, including his recent move to North Carolina.


Host Frank Stasio talks with Knight about creating social commentary through comic strips. Knight is featured in this year's Durham Comics Fest, which runs now through Sunday at the Durham County Library.​