Jim Avett On Music And Family

Apr 22, 2016

Jim Avett
Credit Crackerfarm (Mike Beyer)

  For Jim Avett, music is just as much a part of life as eating and sleeping. The son of a minister and a pianist, Jim grew up singing in the church choir and playing several musical instruments. 

He gave his children the same exposure to music in their childhoods and his sons went on to form the world-renowned band, The Avett Brothers. While he is proud of their accomplishments, he maintains that no amount of fame or success will ever outweigh the importance of being​ kind, reliable people. Jim set aside his musical ambitions for a career in welding, but he has returned to his music in retirement. He will play at Merlefest on Sunday, May 1st in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. Host Frank Stasio talks with Jim Avett about his music, career and family and Avett plays live.