Duke University's Ralph Snyderman Tells A Chancellor's Tale

Nov 15, 2016

Ralph Snyderman had his first formative experience in a hospital when he was 12-years old. His grandmother was very ill, and it quickly became clear to him that being a physician was the most important thing he could do with his life. 

Synderman has now been in the medical field for more than four decades, as a practitioner, researcher and administrator, and he has seen the field go through numerous transformations.

'I could learn a tremendous amount about how the hospital ran by following the bed sheet,' Ralph Snyderman

During his 15-year tenure as the chancellor for health affairs at Duke University he spurred the fields of integrative and personalized medicine and tried to integrate various aspects of Duke’s enterprise through activities like following a sheet from a patient’s room to the laundry facilities. Host Frank Stasio talks with Snyderman about his new book “A Chancellor’s Tale: Transforming Academic Medicine” (Duke University Press/2016). Snyderman reads from his book at The Regulator Bookshop in Durham tonight at 7 p.m.