Meet Njathi Kabui

Apr 16, 2012

Chef Njathi Kabui spends a lot of time thinking about his native Kenya while he tends to his Apex, NC garden. Kabui spent much of his childhood working in the coffee fields of the country’s Central Province.

That experience helped shape his ideas about food access and food security for his family and the larger community. He learned that everyone should have the means to eat, but discrimination based on class, race and even gender can be obstacles to food justice. Last year, Kabui started a sustainable food catering company called Organics and Sound. He prepares farm fresh dinners in exchange for donations to support his goals: to create community gardens in both North Carolina and Kenya and educate people about sustainable food. Kabui joins host Frank Stasio to talk about growing up in Kenya and the hard, early life lessons that inform his work as an activist.