Smaller But Wiser, ‘The Collection’ Forges Ahead

Mar 15, 2019

The Collection, which is completely fan and self-funded, released its latest record, "Entropy," in the fall of 2018.
Credit Photo courtesy of David Wimbish.

Singer-songwriter David Wimbish had a tumultuous couple of years. He weathered a lengthy divorce process with his ex-wife and former bandmate, saw multiple friends pick up and move to the west coast and struggled through the near-dissolution of his large and boisterous band, The Collection. But Wimbish decidedly chooses gratitude over grumpiness. He used his enduring spirituality and awe for the natural world to start writing songs that would become The Collection’s latest record, “Entropy,” released in Oct. 2018. 

Host Frank Stasio talks with Wimbish about his latest work, and a rejuvenated bank performs songs from the record. The Collection is David Wimbish on lead vocals; Joshua Linhart on drums; Hayden Cooke on bass guitar and vocals; Sarah McCoy on keyboard and vocals; Joshua Ling on electric guitar, harmonium and vocals; Graham Dickey on trombone, trumpet and glockenspiel; and Darren Miles on acoustic guitar. The Collection performs at Snug Harbor in Charlotte on March 22 and at Kings in Raleigh on March 23.