Road Crews Prepare for Snow, Freezing Rain

Jan 21, 2016

Winter Storm Jonas is headed across North Carolina tonight into early tomorrow morning.

National Weather Service Meteorologist Brandon Dunstan says the Triangle could get up to five inches of snow before tomorrow morning's commute; the Triad could see 10 inches. Freezing rain will likely fall throughout the afternoon.

The North Carolina Department of Transportation spokesman Steve Abbot says the department is ready.

"Crews in different areas around this part of the state have been putting down brine in advance. It's a saltwater solutions to keep the road from freezing. If it comes down as snow, or some ice would come down, it won't freeze to the road. So, it makes it melt a little quicker. it makes it easier to plow, if we get enough to plow, out."

Abbott says they're brining Interstates, concentrating on bridges and overpasses.

More snow is possible Saturday.