'Lust And Wonder'

Apr 1, 2016

Author Augusten Burroughs has a habit of making the private public. His memoir “Running with Scissors” (Picador/2003) traces his chaotic childhood with a mother with mental illness, and his eventual guardianship by her psychiatrist. His best-selling book “Dry” (Picador/2013) chronicled the painful outcomes of his drinking and drug use, and detailed his tumultuous journey to sobriety. Burroughs' newest book tackles an even more intimate topic: love. “Lust and Wonder” (St. Martin’s Press/2016) is a candid account of the complexities of three of his relationships. Host Frank Stasio talks with Augusten Burroughs in advance of his appearance at Raleigh’s Burning Coal Theatre tonight at 7 p.m.