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The Friday Night Songs Of 2019 (For The Soiree Or Sofa)

Paul Morigi
Getty Images

Out of all the great music released this year, some of it makes for a great party soundtrack and some of it is perfect for when the party is simply too far away and you can't bring yourself to go. We've assembled playlists of the best music of the year in both cases, and here's a little quiz to figure out which playlist is right for you. Each is about an hour long, so you have ample time to scroll Instagram and/or consider ordering takeout while you make up your mind.

Choose the answer that most resembles your typical night:

It's Friday night, you're getting off work...

a. early

b. late

... and you're already...

A. excited about

B. dreading

...getting ready for Bobby's party. It's...

A. unseasonably warm

B. super windy

... which should make for an interesting night. You swing by the store and buy a bottle of wine before heading home. You check Instagram, and Sidney's already posted a story — she's really gone all-out for tonight. You check yourself in the mirror and notice...

A. you still have good volume.

B. your hair needs a wash.

Next up, you sit down to do your make-up and...

A. nail your cat eye on the first try.

B. notice you're out of make-up remover.

You had planned to meet up with Marissa tonight, so you text to see what her status is. She's...

A. already there.

B. still at home.

She texts back...

A. "Roll thruuu"

B. "I'm not gonna make it :/"

Okay, that's fine, you'll just...

A. hurry up to meet her.

B. stay for an hour to show face.

You check rideshare prices and...

A. you have a promo code!

B. they're surging.

"That's it," you say. "I'm...

A. going to the party."

B. staying home."

How'd you do? If you tended to pick option A. ... get pumped up with Songs For The Soiree (Spotify, Apple Music).

If you chose option B. more frequently, well ... we've all been there. Put on something comfy, pop open that bottle of wine and spin Songs For The Sofa (Spotify, Apple Music).

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