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Trump's Pick To Head The FBI Leads By Example, Ex-Special Agent Says


President Trump has picked a new FBI director. He announced his choice on Twitter this morning. And he has tapped Christopher Wray, a former federal prosecutor who once ran the criminal division of the U.S. Justice Department. Our next guest is a former FBI special agent who worked closely with Christopher Wray. Joe Robuck joins us from his home just outside Atlanta. Joe, thanks for being here.

JOE ROBUCK: Good morning.

MARTIN: I understand you worked with Christopher Wray on a corruption case when he was a U.S. attorney. What were your impressions?

ROBUCK: Chris has got incredible work ethic. He's one of the smartest lawyers I've ever met. He's a patriot, a family man. He's calm under pressure. I would describe him as a man of integrity. I mean Chris has all the tools to be a incredible FBI director. And I think the agents in the bureau will be proud to work for him.

MARTIN: Sounds like you believe he's a good choice. You say he can stand up to a lot of pressure - no doubt there will be some. The president called his qualifications impeccable, and he has had a distinguished career. What can you tell us, though, about how he leads? What's his leadership style like?

ROBUCK: Chris leads by example. He is somebody that comes to work early and leaves late. I told another person who was asking me about him recently that I remember he used to work up until the last minute during our case that we worked together on, and then he would run to his car to get home to his family. And I used to chuckle about that.

But he would put whatever time was necessary into the mission. And - but he never forgot what's really important to him, his family, his country, the - his team members on the case. I mean he was - he really left an impression on me. And I worked with a lot of lawyers over the years, and nobody's better than Chris Wray.

MARTIN: If he - if and when he gets to a confirmation hearing, he will no doubt be asked about his level of independence, whether or not he can be an independent voice in some very controversial cases. Does he have that independent streak?

ROBUCK: I've never seen any evidence to the contrary. I mean I think Chris has one rule, and that's do the right thing. He's - I mean I was proud to be around somebody and work around somebody who thinks like that. And I certainly think he's up to the task.

MARTIN: Joe Robuck is a former FBI special agent, now a security consultant. He worked closely with Christopher Wray, whom President Trump has tapped to be the next director of the FBI. Thank you so much for your time this morning.

ROBUCK: Thank you. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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