Ways To Listen To WUNC Online

Listen to WUNC at home, at work & on the go with our streams and apps!

If you're looking for WUNC's podcasts, you can find out all about them on our Podcast page. Looking for information on listening to WUNC Music? Check this out.

There are several ways to hear WUNC's live stream online or via your favorite devices. Here's a rundown:


Listen on your Android device

Example of WUNC's Android App

  The WUNC Android App is available on the Google Play Store.  It offers easy access to our live stream, podcasts, news updates and other features.  Check it out and make sure to rate it and leave a comment on the Play Store, too!

Listen on your iPhone or iPad 

 WUNC has its own app for iOS iPhones and iPad.You can grab it at the iTunes App store today. You can use this instead of or in addition to iTunes Radio mentioned above.  It has more WUNC features than iTunes Radio including links toWUNC podcasts, up-to-date news from WUNC and more!

Listen via Apple Music (formerly iTunes Radio) on your iPhone, iPad or Mac (and some Windows desktops with iTunes installed)

You can listen to WUNC's live stream via Apple Music (formerly iTunes Radio).

Simply open “Music” on your iPhone / iPad. Next, select the Radio icon on the lower left.  Then, click the “New Station” icon and type in WUNC in the search field. Finally, select WUNC to hear the live stream.  On desktops, click the Radio link found inside iTunes.


Listen via our web site

You can listen to WUNC's live stream on any browser (on your desktop or phone) by using the built-in player on our web site. You'll find it at the top of this and every page on our site:

You can choose from our regular quality stream or the stereo stream, set the volume and pause the audio by this web player. It will continue to play as long as you remain on WUNC's web site.

If you prefer to use our old pop-up web player you may listen via this link.

Here are the direct links in case you'd like to listen with a media player already installed on your computer:

Mono stream:  http://mediaserver.wuncfm.unc.edu:8000/wunc64.m3u
Stereo stream: 
Music stream: http://marconi.wuncfm.unc.edu:8000/wunc_hd2_mp3


Manually adding the WUNC stream to Windows Media Player, iTunes and other players, too 

In case you need to add the stream to your stream bookmarks, or if the stream is not playing back for you, here's how to do it:

  1. Launch your Windows Media Player.
  2. Click "File" in the main menu bar. Scroll down and click "Open URL." (You can also use CTRL + U with the player open.)
  3. Type or paste http://mediaserver.wuncfm.unc.edu:8000/wunc64.m3u in the field, and click the "Open" or "OK" button. 

Don't use Windows Media?  See this help page about how to launch streams manually via iTunes. You can use the URLs listed above on iTunes, too.

These instructions apply for many other clients and devices that play audio streams, too.  If you can manually edit a stream or put in a "URL", you should use http://mediaserver.wuncfm.unc.edu:8000/wunc128.m3u  (or, on some systems http://mediaserver.wuncfm.unc.edu:8000/listen.pls).  

You can update your streams on desktop Internet Radios. Most radio receivers have a user interface where you can add and edit channels. Here are helps for some of the most popular models:

If you click on any of our "listen" links and you get an error, these can often be solved by clearing your browser's cache.  

If you experience any issues listening to WUNC's live stream, please let us know.


In addition to the WUNC live stream you'll find loads of WUNC stories and news on NPR ONE, the listening app from NPR.

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